Brendan McCue
Brendan McCueNSP Subaru Ambassador | Patroller, Beaver Creek, CO
I grew up in Milwaukee, and as soon as I could I moved to Colorado to snowboard. About 10 years ago, I discovered telemark skiing and was soon hooked.

I worked in a restaurant at the base of Beaver Creek and watched the ski patrollers with envy. I eventually was hired on as a patroller. Shortly after, I became an EMT.

I also have a passion for photography. Since joining the Beaver Creek Ski Patrol, I have become a very important part of their social networking department.

I feel so grateful to represent NSP and Subaru. It’s a wonderful opportunity to represent a part of myself that I have worked so hard to be successful at.

Chris Johnson
Chris JohnsonNSP Subaru Ambassador | Patroller, Beaver Creek, CO
As a child, I followed my dad around as he patrolled. It was then that my love for ski patrol first ignited. I watched and learned from those that came before me. I learned that ski patrol was more than just a job or hobby, it was a lifestyle. Finally, I reached the age at which I could take the OEC class and start my patrol journey.

That path has led me to very rewarding work in the avalanche dog world. My volunteer side is still strong as the Professional Division OEC supervisor. I am so excited to have an NSP Subaru to help spread the excitement and joy that a lifetime of ski patrol can bring.

Matt Chaffin
Matt ChaffinNSP Subaru Ambassador | Patroller, Park City Resort, UT
It all started 16 years ago. I was hired as a ski patroller at the Canyons Ski Patrol in Park City, Utah. Ever since then, my life has been centered in the Wasatch Mountains, both summer and winter. I have been lucky enough to learn from many patrollers, old and young.

Ten years ago, I was fortunate to move to a year-round ski patroller and then was hired as the full-time ski patrol training supervisor.

Having the opportunity to represent NSP and Subaru is very exciting. My family has owned and currently owns a Subaru, and driving one that has my passion wrapped all around it will be amazing and make a presence in the Wasatch Mountains.

Mike Cook
Mike CookNSP Subaru Ambassador | NSP Intermountain Division Assistant Director
When I was in high school, my brother joined the ski patrol. I thought he was so cool. I just had to join, so as soon as I turned 18, I tried out; I successfully became a candidate to the National Ski Patrol in 1979! By 1983, I was an EMT in Utah and an NSP Senior.

Now, I’m a helicopter ski guide for Diamond Peaks Heli-Ski Adventures and Utah Region director for the Intermountain Division; I also get to represent the NSP and Subaru, two of my favorite things. I have owned multiple Subarus;.two of my daughters currently drive Subarus. What does that say coming from a dad who works for an organization focused on safety?