NSAA: How Tax Reform Will Benefit Resorts, Employees & Suppliers

Ever wonder how legislation can directly affect the ski industry and what the new tax law implications are. In the latest issue of the NSAA Journal Dave Byrd, NSAA Director of Risk and Regulatory Affairs tries to unpack the Tax cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).   Click the image

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#RIDEANOTHERDAY – Industry launches powerful new safety initiative

YOU WOULD BE HARD-PRESSED TO FIND A FAMILY MORE PASSIONATE ABOUT SKIING THAN KELLI AND CHAUNCY JOHNSON. The Johnsons, who live in northern Wyoming with their four children, have built their lives around the sport. Kelli was a ski instructor in high school, and you could say they owe

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Analyzing Avalanches – Revamped National Avalanche School Focuses More on Operations

STORY AND PHOTOS BY CANDACE HORGAN Over the week of Oct. 22-26, 2017, the classroom portion of the 25th National Avalanche School was held, with 116 participants from nine states and 30 ski patrols. As always, the school offers some of the most knowledgeable people in the avalanche world

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